Keynote Speakers

Headshot of Douglas Kinnison

Session 1: Doug Kinnison (National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA)

“Polar ozone recovery: Challenges and Uncertainties in Model Projections”

Headshot of Helen Worden

Session 2: Helen Worden (National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA)

"The Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report (TOAR), Phase II"

Headshot of Marta Abalos

Session 3: Marta Abalos ( Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain )

"Recent past and future trends in stratospheric ozone and circulation"

Headshot of Alkis Bais

Session 4: Alkis Bais (The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

Interactive changes of ozone, UV radiation, and climate in the 21st century and implications for the environment

Headshot of Luke Western

Session 5: Luke Western (University of Bristol, UK)

"Why emissions of some ozone-depleting substances are still increasing"

Headshot of Alberto Redonas

Session 6: Alberto Redondas (AEMET- Meteorological State Agency, Spain)

"EUBREWNET new developments , uncertainty and updated algorithm"